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Blogging is not only a hobby, but it’s smart way to earn money online. For the last 4 years, I’ve been a professional blogger and I’m earning by working from home. In this time I have exceeded a six figure income from working online. I was not a born blogger, nor an internet marketer; everything which I have learned and shared on this blog (Ably World)comes with experience and learning from my experience. After seeing the growth in blogging, I decided to add one more service to my many services and so I’m presenting myself as your blog consultant.

The knowledge which I will be sharing in my blog consultancy service will be something, that you won’t find in a book or some guide. All this knowledge which I will be sharing as your blog consultant, is something which I have gained over time. That includes blog marketing, blog optimization, keyword research, SEO, and blog monetization methods.

As a blogger, one of the most common problems which you face is by taking your blog to next level. It’s not going to be easy and failing and learning is not an option every-time. My SEO training and blog consultant program is comprehensively designed to help bloggers to learn all the basics of blogging and SEO, and become a pro.

I’m not going to mark this as a SEO training program, as that’s only one section of blogging, and if you want to be a blogger, you need to excel in all the fields and not just one.  And this is what my SEO consultancy service offers.
Why You Need a Blog Consultancy Service:

When you start blogging, you tend to make mistakes unknowingly because of lack of experience.  You don’t need SEO optimization, or you don’t know anything about keyword research and keyword optimization.  Moreover, blog marketing, blog consulting and social media optimization is the latest SEO trend in 2013. My role as a blog consultant would be to walk you through every step, one by one.

I’ve already been offering a WordPress SEO service for a long time, and it turned out to be a popular service. But with time my work load has increased. So, I decided to cut down on my SEO services and instead help individual and serious bloggers to grow by guiding them in the right direction and methods by being a personal blog coach & trainer.
Module for Blog and SEO Training Course:

We will be covering many topics related to blogging, and in this I will give you a complete overview of the following topics:

    How to blog for profit
    Making money from blogging
    SEO basics
    SEO advanced topics
    Recovering from Google Panda (Advanced topic)
    Keyword research
    Analyzing keyword competition
    Keyword optimization
    Backlink generation
    Social media marketing
    Blog business plan
    WordPress training

As I have listed main points but this personal SEO training and blog consultancy service covers many more topics. You can learn more about my blog consultant service below:
How do I offer blog consultancy service?

Unlike any other coaching, this is not going to be a text or video based training. This is going to be one on one personal coaching, in which I will be showing and explaining things in front of you, and you can ask as many questions you want. We will be doing it live and I will be sharing my screen, where you can learn all about keyword research and optimization, and I will be sharing some of the case studies that I have done on my blogs and which ones worked for me and my other clients.

Bloggers who are opting for this program specifically for Panda recovery tactics, I will be taking your website and showing you what may have caused your blog to be affected by Panda updates, and changes that  you can make to recover.

If you are based in Delhi, India or you are visiting Delhi, you can book a time and we can meet in person for this personal SEO coaching. You can contact me  on Skype= denharsh

Here are few testimonials from some of my clients

Testimonial 1)

Here is one direct feedback from one of my clients (Danish Wadhwa), after his 2 hours of consultancy:
My special Thanks to Harsh Agrawal who made me realize how the SEO is important for my online business. It was really a great session yesterday which give me a plenty of homework to do. It was not only the SEO consultancy, but includes many business tactics which I needed to implement to run my business online! Many great tools were shared with me, taking into consideration for SEO and blogging, which I think is really going to help me take my business to the next level. This was my first consultancy session, and I believe I need more help. I will look forward to scheduling more sessions in the future.

Testimonial 2)

Here is another Testimonial from Pro Blogger @Abhishek Bhatnagar after 3 hrs of Blogging consultancy:
I had a great and knowledgeable in-depth session with Harsh on WordPress SEO, I liked the way he explains the things so that it is easy for anyone to understand the terms easily they never were aware of. He keeps the things to the point, and focuses on topics he has in his agenda.

Testimonial 3)

This is another testimonial from Hemant Beniwal of TFLguide:
“Being from a financial field I am tech-handicapped, but run one of the best personal finance blogs in India. It would never have been possible without the support and guidance of Harsh, as he is managing the technical side of the blog. My financial background helps me in making targets and working hard to achieve them. At the end of 2010,  Harsh visited Jaipur and gave me some consultancy on my blog – it helped me to gain some serious visibility in personal finance space and good number of page views. At the end of 2011 I made a target to double my page views in one year. It was a tough target, so again I approached Harsh and he introduced me to his new service of blog consultancy (Including SEO) He gave me a 2 hour session, and to my surprise I achieved 90% of my target in January alone. Best thing I like about Harsh is, he never talks about shortcuts or black hat things but concentrates and motivates us on the long term future of our websites.”

Details about my SEO and Blogger coaching program:

    Payment mode : PayPal and Bank transfer (ICICI)
    Charges are $199 per hour.
    For screen sharing, you need to have a broadband connection


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