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How to Earn Money through Internet

How to Earn Money through Internet

Two years ago I started searching the sources about 'Online Internet Income' or home based income through 

Internet. I have paid thousands of dollars in many websites, some has come-out as a direct scam and others 

also scam but tactfully they protected their skin, ultimately the end result was zero after loosing my 

hard-earned money.

Then question arise in mind, is there any legit income really available through online like 'Work from Home' or 

'Internet Income from Home'?

After two years trough experience, now I can say 'yes', legitimate websites and systems are presently 

available where you can earn money but not in easy way, you needs your heartiest interest, dedication, 

confident to work independently and your real times are utmost essential. You must choose works on the 

basis of your skills or past experiences.

What I learnt from my past two years of continuous long searching? Yes, one side I lost thousands of my 

hard income money at the same time I learnt a lot of real techniques and practical information about earning 

through Internet.

I retired in 2007, May and updated my desktop (I prefer desktop than laptop whenever I available at home) 

with high speed unlimited Internet connectivity thinking that I can start stock market trading. Before I retire 

occasionally I use to trade, so I know how to trade through online while seating at home. I started same as 

market starts exact 09:55 hrs and closes at 15:30 hrs. Simultaneously my searching was on to find how to 

earn money through Internet. As I was having enough time with 24 hours Internet connectivity my searching 

has gone so dip, I learnt many techniques, and today I can proudly say, 'yes, I know how to earn through 

Internet while seating easy way at home. Two years solid searching and learning given me immense 

knowledge about how to earn through Internet.

I can't cover here all the system about earning through Internet. In simple language I will discuss here so that 

anybody interested can follow my step by step instructions and do the same to start earning money within 


Only one website and how to earn money through that will learn today and I am sure you can start earning 

within week itself. Why I am telling you after one week or within week can earn because, you need few days 

to familiarize the site activities so that at real time what you want to do, your mouse will go exact place and 

ready to execute at your will.

To learn all these, I had lost a lot of dollars with solid two years of my valuable time. I don't want anybody 

repeat the same what I have done earlier.
Now I can proudly say make money online 100% free and 100 % legitimate. Out of many works available 

you should choose the one have interest and skills. I will disclose here only one in details so that you can start 

earning easily.

Do you have writing skills? If you know how to write an article, then go for this job. Because, it has high 

demands in today's markets, because these articles are uses in various websites to promote sales in market. 

Writing an article in various subjects is good way to earn money through Internet.

Here I am discussing only one method to earn online work from home or anywhere that is writing an article 

and in technical word can say 'copywriting'.

Practically you need two ways work here:
You are going to create an article on the base of 'keyword' or title of article they (buyer) provides to you.

Sometimes buyer will provide an article and you will re-write it while keeping the main meaning remain same, 

is called 're-writing'.

These above mentioned two types of creative works come under "Copywriting".

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How much money per day can earn depends how many articles you can submit daily. Generally small article 

covers 150 to 250 words and next comes 450 to 500 words per article. Each article they will pay you $1 to 

$10 depending on length of the article and also quality counted. Rate also varies buyer to buyers and bid to 

bids. Generally people write 10 to 15 articles per day. Take an example: you are able to provide 10 articles 

/day and your average rate of one article is $4.00. Your monthly income will be = $4.00*10*30 = $1200. It 

is really good amount as extra income monthly.

For Indian people if I convert dollar to INR it will become Rupees 60,000.00 which is really a good monthly 

income. This will become your hard earn money through Internet.

Every two hours works requirement comes through the particular website and it is a continuous process. In 

this website many articles buyers and many service providers are available, so to get the work project biding 

system is there at website itself and very easy to do it, takes only two minutes. My suggestion is that, you are 

new so give minimum (lowest) bid and win the bid then write all necessary articles and submit same through 

website itself. Submission is easy and will take just 30 seconds.

Buyers will provide you 'key word' or title, on basis of that you will write articles.

Now, coming back to an important point I have to cover here. Those people really don't know how to write 

an article but want to make money through Internet for them my suggestion is that place the 'key word' or 

'title' on Google search, you will get a lot of websites where discusses all details about the title or key word. 

Go through that and you will soon have idea how to write an article on that subject matter. A little practice 

will make you master. My sincere advice is that you don't just copy and paste. You will be caught by 

copyscape or plagiarism checks. Have a practice to read more articles from many article directories sites (in 

Google search you will get it).

I have discussed only one method of earning but this website (which I have not disclosed till now) provides 

you many verities of works like data entry works, proofreading, website build-up, sale promotion, ad works 

and many software based easy works are available on contact basis. You need not to maintain anything, 

website itself will do all management including providing works, running bid process, submission of 

completed works and time to time important email you will received to keep on touch with your buyer.

Sign up in this website is free so you will become a free membership holder service provider. After earning 

from every project they will charge a minimum amount of $5 or 5% which one is more. Once you're earning 

starts you upgrade your membership from "Free Membership" to "Gold Membership". In Gold
Membership you have to pay $12 per month and you need not to pay anything from any project. Moreover 

many advantages you will get which will increase your earning potentiality and everything disclose and are 
available at website. As a free member you are allowed to apply max bid 26 in a month but "Gold Member" 

has no limit, they can bid all the work projects for the day. So, they have chances to win more projects.

After a bit experience when your reputation build-up & have good relationship with many companies and 

even individual buyers, you will get many projects which will difficult to complete by single person. Here you 

need to hire some good people those can complete your task timely. They will complete these works at their 

computer from their convenient places like their home or anywhere they feel better. Now you will be 

managing your task not working yourself and also have position to hire employee.

Do you have Pay Pal account? If not go to and open your account. It is very simple 

only thing you must have credit card. While giving details your name must be match with your bank account 

name/ name written on your credit card. Initially they will charge marginal amount around $1 to $3 dollars 

and same they will return you within three working days. You can trust them, no problem. Once you have the 

Pay Pal account all your earning amounts can transfer to your bank account at your will. All transactions are 

carried out online only and it takes hardly a minute or less than that.

Win bids, take projects from buyers, distribute the same among your hire workers, on completion of works, 

takes all completed works from your hire workers and after checking handover the same to the respective 

buyers. Receives your payment, distribute 60% to your hired workers and 40% you can keep yourself as a 

managerial profit. One thing you remember self working have limit your earning capacity but same works 

with hues quantity if you distribute among your hired workers, your work output will be in many fold and 

earning capacity will increase tremendously. This level will not come immediately; will take a bit of time.

After a little practice you will feel easy to work and able to write 15 to 20 articles a day and can earn 

monthly $4*20*30 = $2400.00 not a bad amount.

For Indian people if I convert above dollar to INR it will become ($2400*50 = Rupees 120000.00 (Rs1 

Lac 20 thousand) which is really a good monthly income. This will become your hard earn money through 


In this article how to earn through Internet, I have disclosed only one earning method in precise way. I hope 

you all understand now how to earn money and all of you very serious to know the name of the website. Am 

I right? Friends! My sincere interest is that, I want only interested person; those are really love to write and 

want to earn with hard work. Buyers will get a quality article so he will happy to pay and reputation of the 

website remains intact. Now how can I be sure that only interested persons will join there? Those are really 

interested to earn sincerely they should deposited only $1 to my pay pal account (my Pay pal a/c number: and email me with your name and email address to: I will send email to you along with website name. Honestly telling this is not my 

earning motto otherwise I would be charging more. It is just send right persons those are really interested to 

write a quality article and earn a hand some money daily.

Try this method practically for the sake of $1 and earn $1200 to $2400 monthly. I will be happier if you 

write me a note when you're earning starts....

जितेन्द्र सिंह शेखावत ....। 


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Dear friend I joined as on 30th Dec. 2013 and I started. Now, I am waiting positive response............

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