Friday, 3 January 2014



Today First I will discuss about Google.

Google is the world best search engine  with more 620 million Visitors Daily.

In Google Mainly we have Adwords and Adsense.

The Adwords is useful for Promoting Products,Webpages and lot more to get more sales.

And then Adsense is best and No.1 Publisher Media.

Adsense and Adwords Combinely changed the fate of many ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS.

Adwords:In adwords we can run camapigns and bid as we like to be top of the 

page.Adwords is the best in PPC campaigner.So Use Adwords to promote your 

site and get Instantaneous results and offcourse plenty of sales too.In 

adwords there is another branch called Adwords Express which deal with google 

places and listing is another best option to boost your Local business.

Adsense:Adsense is a program that Google will keep ads on our webpage and 

get clicks through it.If you have a genuine traffic websites then apply for 

Google adsense.You Know there is Adsense Double Publisher Media which will give 

double the amount of adsense but for this you should have finely working 

adsense account with genuine traffic daily more 5k.

So friends Today I discussed about adsense and adwords

Tomorrow about Bing and it Products at same time.


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