Friday, 3 January 2014

Make Real Money Online Writing Blog Posts

There are millions of blogs online and new ones are started every day. People start blogs 
because they want to blog about things that interest them. There are blogs about fashion, 
cooking, business, entertainment, movies, computer gmes, health fitness etc. What blogs need 
is a constant supply of fresh and original articles. Blog owners must post new content on a 
regular basis to keep their audience coming back.

This open many possibilities for anyone that is expert in certain field to create a source of 
online income writing blog posts. If you are expert in certain area and love to write than you can 
write blog posts for clients that they can publish on their blogs.  Many blog owners don’t have 
either time or expertize to write themselves so they outsource the writing to freelancers. If you 
have knowledge about finances than you can write articles that will be published on finance 

If you have useful information to share about health and fitness than you can offer your services 
to blog owners who run blogs dedicated to publishing useful content about health and fitness. If 
there is anything you know about something that other people might find it useful or interesting, 
and you wish to share with the rest of the world and you love to write that writing blog posts for 
money maybe great online money making opportunity for you.

If you are a freelance writer and you are interested in writing blog posts for money there are 
number of ways you can find clients. Your  best first choice to start looking for freelance 
blogging jobs are freelance marketplace websites. Freelance marketplaces like,,, and many others are sites where freelancers 
come to offer their services and employers come to post their projects and hire freelancers to 
work for them. Joining on these websites is easy and on most of them free. You will need to 
open account complete your profile and start bidding on projects. If your bid is accepted you will 
be the one that will work on the project and be paid after you finish it. You can find blog blogging 
jobs normally listed under article writing or web content writing categories.

Other good place to look for paid blogging jobs are job boards on related blogs online. Blogs 
like Problogger and Freelanceswitch have their  job board where you can also find freelance 
blog writing jobs.

How much can you make writing blog posts depends on many things. The price for a blog posts 
will be from $5 to $50. First and foremost your earnings will depend on how hard you are ready 
to work. If you write 20 article a week than you will make more than if you write 10 articles a 
week. Other important factor is the length of the article. You will be writing blog posts with 
around 300 – 500 words. The longer the posts the more you will earn because 500 word article 
usually will earn you more than 300 word article.


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