Friday, 13 December 2013

Earn Money Writing Articles..

You can earn money writing articles. The great thing about writing articles is that it's a quick, relatively easy 

and inexpensive way to start your online marketing business. Learning how to earn money writing articles is 

an investment in your online business, an investment that will help grow your business. A well-written article 

is like money in the bank -- actually it will lead to money in the bank for you if done correctly.

An article on its own is not going to make you money, but following the right process will give you that 

opportunity. Once you have written and submitted your article to an article directory and it has been 

published, your article will then take on a life of its own. It will be read by people, picked up in other article 

directories, linked to other sites, newsletters, reproduced, re-read... and this process will be ongoing. Each 

article has a resource box with the authors information included and this information goes right along with 

your article, spreading your information far and wide -- placing your article in front of more and more 

people, more and more potential customers. This is the process that will enable you to earn money writing 


The outcome of this distribution of your article, is that it will result in people acting on whatever you intended 

your article to influence or interest them to do -- whether it be to click through to your website or to a 

product information or purchase site. Your article will generate you "traffic", or visitors to wherever it is you 

want them to go. These visitors are highly interested visitors. They have read your article, confirming they 

have a particular interest in your message, and they are more likely to act on it, and buy from you.

It's up to you to ensure you do the right thing by your visitors and offer them quality content. If you want to 

earn money writing articles you must give your visitors an informative read -- it's what they want. People are 

connecting to article directories to find information every day, in their thousands. They are seeking 

information and it's important to ensure that your articles provide them with helpful information. Make sure 

you have the right article content -- make it informative, interesting, on topic. If you give your readers the 

correct information in an interesting and informative way they will stay with you and follow through by 

clicking on to your site or your product and buying from you.

Article writing is an extremely low-cost way to start your online marketing business. Good articles, those that 

are informative and interesting, create a trusting relationship with potential customers, and if you want to earn 

money writing articles you must create that relationship. Writing and publishing articles focusing on your 

particular "niche" will establish you as an expert in your field, giving you authority and building professional 

trust with your readers, your potential customers. It becomes a win-win situation -- you earn money writing 

articles and your customers get the product or service they want.

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