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Best Website To Earn Money Online Through Adsense Affiliate Marketing Etc.

Authentic and best websites to
Earn Online Safely

1. Flixya
This is the best revenue sharing site which displays Google ads on your shared contents and you get the earnings by ads. This is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site. You can post any type of content that complies with their policies. Flixya shares 100% of its revenue to you.
2. eHow
This is the ads revenue sharing website. You can earn on this site by writing the articles based on ‘How To’. Make more and more articles to get maximum ads revenue that displays around your articles.
3. Creative Weblogging
Get accepted on this site and make at least three posts in a week regularly and earn upto $80 in one single
month.across anyone making a substantial sum here. Time will tell.
4. iStockPhoto
This site is a place for pictures and videos. In other words, its a market of pics and videos. Submit your pictures and videos to the site and sell to the people who like your pictures or videos. You can sell the pictures multiple times as they are royalty free pictures. You can also try MicroStockPhotography.
5. MyLot
It’s kinda social networking website. Have not tried yet but my friend told that they pay you by just joining the site!
6. Freelancing
Work as a free lancer and earn online from $10 to $2000 per month. You can choose the category of your own interest to perform the job of free lancing. Some popular free lancing sites are eLance, Guru, iFreeLance and LimeExchange.
7. Online Tutoring
Become an online tutor and start earning! Some well reputed siter for online tutoring are, eHomeWorkHelp and TutorVista.
8. Earn by listening music pays you for listening music. Listen to new artist and give some reviews to the new singers. Better you do the comments or reviews, more you earn the money.
9. Play Games pays you for playing online games. You have to play the multiplayer games. Starting earning is low but you will get wonderful deals along the way to multiply your earnings.
10. YouTube
Yes…! YouTube is the most famous and well reputed video sharing and streaming websites. If you have uploaded the videos and they get a lot of visitors and comments then you can apply for their partnership program. Once you are accepted, you can earn a lot.

   How to protect your Google Adsense account

Most of the new users of Google Adsense fail to get success by not following the rules and regulations of Adsense. Always follow the Google adsense policies and TOS.
Following are some important points that will help you to keep your account safe and stable.
a. Never place the ads on a website or blog that does not follow the Adsense policies regarding type of contents.b. Never ever tell your friends or family members about your blogs or websites. They can result in disabling of your Adsense account in sense of helping you by playing with your ads. As Google is smartest in detecting invalid and fraud clicks.c. Google is much smarter than you and can detect invalid clicks by IP address, visitor behavior and many other things. Do not visit your website or blog a lot time while making any update.d. Do not place ads in pop up windows or the pages having no contents.e. Place a privacy policy in your website or blog. Its compulsory for Adsense publishers. You can write your own privacy policy or simply copy my privacy policy and paste it in your site replacing my URLs.f. Some people trying to be smarter, change their IP addresses and visit their own websites and plays with Ads to get earnings. They are the fools of the world. Google installs some secrete files on their PCs and can detect them in less than a second. So never make this huge blunder.g. Do not create a website or blog having duplicate or copied contents. Google can easily detect such kind of Made For Adsense(MFA) sites. Always write original content by yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort but it will give you the results.

Earn easy money with domain parking

Another easy way of earning online is by domain parking. For all the advertising networks you need to have a fully working website with a lot of original contents and a continuous flow of traffic. Obviously this is really hard work and needs a lot of time and efforts. But domain parking is a very easy way of earning online without doing anything. Many people are earning from this program just by parking the purchased domain.How domain parking works
This method of earning is very easy and simple. Just purchase a domain name(try to make an attractive domain name) and then point your domain to parking website other then your own hosting server or space. Many websites and firms offer the feature of domain parking. Some popular websites are GoDaddy, Afernic, Sedo etc.After changing your hosting server name to the parking server, they will change your domain
into a single paged proper website having some links related to your domain name and when your domain will be visited or someone will try to search your domain from search engines and when the visitors use the links on that page, you will get the earnings. And a small amount of earnings will go to the website which is parking your domain.That’s it, simply buy a domain and park to the website you want to and start earning without doing anything. It’s the best way of earning online for those who can not write or create websites.
Purchasing the domain name is not so difficult and costly. GoDaddy provides the domain name in
just 8.95$ Of Luck.

We Are Provide Earn Money Tricks Online. 


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